DAVID HICKS3 - Lee Jofa | www.leejofa.com

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Furniture: Grace Sofa Skirted H3809-7 in Adele Solid Natural 2012122-116, Corby Straight Back Chair H4323-20 in La Fiorentina Bronze GWF-3317-616, Darcy Chair Unskirted H3817-20 in York Castle Gold GWF-2723-406; Pillows: Turkish Flower Grey/Bronze GWF-3319-640, Trim: Ombre Cord Inca TL10130-4, Cliffoney Gold/Mink GWF-2727-640, Trim: Timothy Sunrise TL-10082-4; Tables: Napa Drinks Table NAPA/14TT, Orly Rectangular Cocktail Table ORLY/48RE; Carpet: Pama-Ivory; "Painting, Spanierman Modern"


Groundworks is delighted to present the third collection of David Hicks designs, edited by his son, Ashley Hicks. Known for his love of graphic color combinations and geometric precision,
Mr. Hicks was the most famous decorator of his day.
This collection of prints and weaves features familiar and new designs in an exciting palette of fresh, vibrant colors, which prove decisively the timeless nature of David Hicks' signature designs.